About The Carter Brand

The Carter Brand  is a family-owned business, based in Middletown, New York. My Collection is thought out to be appealing in fragrance but also beneficial to skin.

With consistent use your skin will be glowing, youthful, soft hydrated and wonderfully scented.

I wanted something that makes you feel beautiful, fun and great to use everyday for both little girls and women.

Ingredients are imported from India, Spain and few other places bringing quality and superior products. This is why we created the Cotton Candy Twist and Banana Coconut Collection.

Each product is handmade in Atlanta GA. Cotton Candy Twist is deliciously sweet in scent it also gives the feeling of fun innocent beautiful childhood fun!

The Banana Coconut collection is like taking a trip to your favorite island! Keep in mind what you put on your skin is easily absorbed by the body.

My collection gives you added vitamins and minerals that you may miss out on during the day for great luxurious skin!